Customer Service Charter


Afnan Real Estate Registration Trustee LLC, have been working since 01/10/2013 under the Dubai Land Department, adopting a clear vision of real estate registration services in accordance with the best standards of efficiency, speed and perfection. We always follow every development and strive to achieve the satisfaction and happiness of our customers.

  • We will treat you with respect and attention.
  • You will receive a distinguished and fair service.
  • We will handle your needs professionally and do our utmost to meet them.
  • We will provide our services through knowledgeable staff, who understands your needs and can answer your inquiry.
  • We will respond to your requirements in a timely manner and without delay.
  • We will reduce the number of procedures to provide you fast and smooth service.

What we want from our customers? :

  • Submit documents and supporting documents upon request.
  • Obtain information about the services and provide the documents required in advance for the speedy completion of the transaction.
  • Inform us as soon as possible in the event of an error or modification of data.